"Vibration is the heart of the universe. Music allows us to feel it."

As Marcel Slottke alias Nordvolk follows his passion for music it is his mission to spread vibrations of high frequencies. Music is a language without words. Instead of using our mind we can rather feel it and let it flow through our body and soul. It has the power to unite people and move them for the good. He grew up with music playing piano & guitar and discovered very early the world of electronic music in Germany where he's been born and raised. Since he can think of, he's very sensitive to vibrations and sound and made this gift to my passion, creating soulful deep journeys and take people to other realms through sound. The name NORDVOLK gives a picture of his nordic roots and means Nord [NORTH] Volk [TRIBE]. Nordvolk's style is just a reflection of his current inner state, the occasion he's playing for and the vibe he wants to create. That’s why he is not that much into labeling music although he would define it as deep, tribal, melodic and playful.