Ben Deeper is one of the few young talents who can show the long-spanning career in the deep progressive music industry whose cinematic sound is influenced by synth pioneers like John Digweed , Guy j , Sasha and many more !
Ben Deeper ( real Name : Majdi Ben Kraiem ) as known by " Dj Massymo Tn " born on 6 july in Tunisia exactly in mourouj , his first attracted to electronic music was in his teens when he started listening to armin van burren , sasha live gigs and also DJ danjer radio show on the tunisian radio " mosaique fm " . 
From that periode majdi became interested more and more to join the music industry and dreamed to be one of the rising dj / producer all around the round and bring his special touches to the electronic music ! in 2008 , with the help of his friend who was a dj , majdi get his first Gig in front of hundred people at " Ez Zahra " beach and The same year he was fortunate enough to have some dates on a small club in tunisia playing some deep and progressive and sometimes trance music ! after 2 years . 
Majdi think that the time comes to make his own music and put his touches on the electronic music industry and it become a priority so he started producing tech house and deep tracks without any help of someone , his first release " night groove " was in 2010 signed to " White island recordings " under the alias " Dj massymo Tn " and reached the top 100 tech house releases on beatport with the suppot of FLORIAN GASPERINI & JOSE MARIA RAMON at ibiza global radio and ibiza beach parties ! 
Massymo continue to produce tech house music successfully and get signed to some big labels like get high music , underground avenue , get physical music till 2012 ! Naturally majdi 's early influences were rooted in his homeland and the worlds of trance and progressive. But it wasn’t long before he embraced all genres to establish the wide-ranging production style that represents the array of emotions fuelling his creativity so he decided finaly to change his musical style after influenced by some Trance producer like armin van burren , Above & beyond , hazem beltagui and many more !
In 2013 signed his first progressive house release " it's just the beginning " with Mistique music with the support of airwave , Kintar , gai barone and many more also peaked at number 49 on top 100 progressive house releases on beatport ! 
The rest, as they say, is history ! majdi find him self ranked N# 10 as a DJ/Prodcuer by TOP DEEJAYS Web Site that he motivate him to continue producing successfully progressive / trance music under his alias " Dj Massymo Tn and get signed with big labels like Blue soho recordings , progressive house worldwide , alter ego records , pulsar recordings , AEZ recordings with the support and feedbacks of Paul Van Dyk , Roger shah , Giuseppe ottaviani , Alex M.O.R.P.H , hazem beltagui and more artists that make him happy with the result that he did with the support of his fans who motivate him to continue reaching his Dream !
With his last release " memories of you " signed to " individual identity music " Pablo artigas label played by Roger Shah and Giuseppe Ottaviano several times on their radio show and live gigs , Majdi decided to make end of his project " dj massymo tn " in the end of 2015 , and started his new alias " BEN DEEPER " from the debut of 2016 ! with his new vision Ben Deeper is probably one of the hottest talents to watch in the coming months .
Ben has been receiving massive support from leading labels and industry pioneers like the almighty Richie Hawtin. He has been providing quite impressive productions proving he can put a unique touch to everything he undertakes . Ahead of his Crossings debut with the heavy Apocalypse/Horizon EP with andy line and other exclusive tracks signed with anjunadeep and hotfingers records !
Keep an eye on this talent artist , may he will be one of the top deep progressive producers in the near futur ! 
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