My goal is to create art that inspires and brings awareness to deeper layers of consciousness, which reflect our unity and sense of balance. Visual art is the only technology that humankind came up so far in order to translate the infinite potential of the subconscious mind into the form we can understand. I aspire to remind of that inner realm, that is the ground of all being, and the responsibility and acute necessity to explore it in order to achieve peace and harmony, that can only come from within.

  • Visual Expression

Soul Travelling through different dimensions and Dreamtime, I came across various entities and vistas so vibrant and breathtaking that I have tried my very best to represent them on canvas. My "faith" in humanity lies in the spirit of LOVE, creative energies, good will,compassion, empathy, transparency of truth, humor, curiosity, respect  & honor that we must have for each other. I honor the spirits of infinite possibilities within the plant, animal & interdimensional kingdoms. Most importantly, I surrender to the infinite love of the universe and to our divine creator for the love it shares for ALL sentient beings.

  • The Visionary Shamanic Art